Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trust Me: the book Swindle is much better than the movie

Books generally are better than their movies.  Hearing that from my students never gets old and we have a good discussion analyzing plot and characters, dialogue and description.

I have quite a collection of Gordon Korman books in my classroom library.  I haven't done an official author study, but I could easily pull it off with my fourth graders.

So, I was curious when I heard reports of a movie based on the book Swindle.  It was released last month as a TV movie for Nickelodeon starring several of the teen actors in their TV shows.   The plot is very loosely based on the book.  Teens sell a baseball card to a collector named Swindle.  Let's just say he lives up to his name. 

I accidentally found it one evening and almost didn't recognize it.  If you loved the books, I will save you time: don't watch the movie.  If students happened to watch it, I would send them in the direction of the books.  This may be its only redeeming quality.

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