Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Poems of Silliness--Free Gift for You

Two years ago next week, I started a poetry blog for children with a commitment that I would post (or schedule) a poem each day.  I want to celebrate achieving this goal by giving my friends and followers a special freebie.

Click here to download Tongue Twisters from my TpT store.
Click here to download Tongue Twisters from my TN store.

I was working with a summer theater workshop and used tongue twisters to help the actors practice enunciation and projection.  It occurred to me that the same exercises would help students read orally with accuracy, appropriate rate and expression -- a Common Core Standard.

To help students practice their accuracy, fluency, and expression, model reading one of the tongue twisters, slowly at first to practice accuracy.  Next, have students read in unison after you.  Then distribute the sheets to have students practice in duos and triads.  Students could "perform" their chosen tongue twister or lead the class with call and response.

To have students write their own alliteration, find a free lesson and printable here.


  1. Thanks so much! These are great for using with my students for fluency! Love it!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

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