Friday, October 4, 2013

Multiplication Bingo Freebie

At the beginning of the school year, I tested my students for fluency in their multiplication and division facts.  Let's just say with where we started I can easily document student growth.
Here is one of the games my students have been playing to increase fluency.  The free Google doc has a filled in multiplication chart, the rules, and number cards. 

Multiplication Bingo for 2-3 players

Materials: Filled in Multiplication Chart, Number Cards, Dry Erase Markers


1.  The first player draws a number card.

2.  The first player picks a multiple of that number on the multiplication chart and marks it.  This number can be any number on the board that is a multiple.  It does not have to be in that column or row.  For example, if the player draws a 12, he or she can choose 24 anywhere it appears on the chart.

3.  The first player says aloud the equation that matches that number on the board.  For example, if the player placed the marker in the fourth column and sixth row, even though he or she drew a 12, the correct response would be 4 X 6 = 24.

4.  The second player begins the next turn.  Play continues until one player has filled an entire row or column.  A player could also win by filling in the spaces diagonally corner to corner.

I printed the multiplication chart on one side and the 100 chart on the other.  I put the page in a plastic sleeve and have dry erase markers and wipes in a tub.  I have been collecting number sense games at various levels with these simple materials.  I have a single routine for set up and clean up and a math station that lasts my entire year.

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