Monday, October 14, 2013

In Honor of School Lunch Week

I would like to thank our district's food service for giving me the opportunity to do stand up comedy each morning.  They don't realize that the document they call the school lunch menu is hilarious.

Here are a selection of entrees from the October Menu.  (As Dave Barry says, "I am not making this up.")

Whole Grain Pepperoni Pizza
Whole Grain Chicken Burger
Whole Grain Bean and Cheese Burrito
Whole Grain Chicken Corn Dog
and my favorite
Whole Grain Cheese Pizza.
(I don't think the texture of whole grain cheese would be appetizing.)
Last week I began giggling when I read about the Whole Grain Fish Nuggets.  Have you seen a whole grain fish?  Steven tells me they smell like fish.  I don't find that very comforting.


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