Monday, October 21, 2013

Poverty, Planners and Scholarships

I teach in a school with a 41% free and reduced lunch rate in a neighborhood north of Seattle.  I was curious how much money that meant a month: a family of four grosses $3,600.  These numbers are set nationally and I know our area has a higher cost of living.  All of this to say there isn't much disposable income here.

I wonder what will happen each time we charge for field trips and special events.  Once I had a pizza lunch where we charged a few dollars and many students came without funds.

This year, I ordered planners for my students.  I should have considered the cost and asked more questions last spring.  When they arrived I created an order form that had a box marked "Scholarship Request."  Only four of twenty-three received scholarships.  That's better than what I thought our statistics would bear.

One child who I expected to request a scholarship brought in enough money for two.  Her mom wanted to provide a scholarship for another child.

This is typical of the families I work with: many struggle financially, but they are generous.  They know what it means to be in need.

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