Monday, April 21, 2014

I Like Being a Free Agent

Two years ago I began applying for instructional coaching jobs.  I was disappointed when I didn't get hired, but recently I spent some time with our district's instructional coaches and recognized the blessing.

I noticed that the coaches felt the need to represent the district's decisions in the most positive light.  I don't.  I haven't been happy with the adopted curriculum in places and I have felt free to write my own lessons that meet my students' needs.  I noticed they felt like they needed to stick with the plan that was in place.

I know that when I'm bored, my students suffer.  I proved myself with a difficult class the first year I worked for my current principal.  As a result, she lets me have freedom to teach the standards the way I believe my students will best learn them. I'm in a place where I'm encouraged to be innovative and creative, and I get to turn around and share that with a larger audience on this blog.

I love when a disappointment turns out to be a gift.

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