Monday, April 28, 2014

More ELA Lessons -- Free Downloads

All during the month of April I have been sharing different resources for teaching poetry.  I have a couple of freebies in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook Stores I would like to share.

This packet contains four original list poems and directions to students for writing their own.

List Poems on TPT.  List Poems on TN.

Included in this packet are some patterns for writing poems about color using metaphors and similes. I have included several examples that I have written.
I discovered as I taught students that fourth, fifth and sixth grade students easily wrote similes, but writing metaphors was more difficult. Working at a more abstract level takes time and practice. My advice to the beginning teacher is not to rush the writing part, but keep helping students use their natural imaginations to make unusual connections.

Color Poems on TPT. Color Poems on TN.


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