Monday, April 7, 2014

Mega Million Dreams

Every now and then I daydream about winning the Mega Millions lottery.  I know exactly the type of school I would start.  I could buy my own building, hire my own staff, and throw off the bureaucracy.  (I mentioned this dream to a few people the last time the jackpot was high.  My husband got excited about how he could contribute and several of my colleagues offered to come teach with me. It's nice to know I'm not living this dream alone.)

My school would be private, but if I had the kind of funds the lottery would supply, I wouldn't have to charge much tuition.  Students could come to my school regardless of ability to pay.  I would invest enough in a fund to maintain income.

Then I started thinking about the lessons we could teach with such funding: technology, science, literature, etc.  We could get quality materials and small enough class sizes to really make a difference.

One problem: I never buy a ticket.

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