Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newly Released Products

I have been adding some paid products in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook Stores:

Pet Poems for Poetry Notebooks TPT & TN

I have been writing poetry for several years and now I am collecting them by topic into eBooks.  My students wear my poetry books out.  This way I can print out a new copy as needed.

Geometry Vocabulary Activities TPT & TN

This 22 page unit covers the vocabulary: line, line segment, angle, ray, polygon, congruent, parallel and perpendicular.  It includes a pre- and post- test and several activities where students learn and use these words.

Sports Poems for Poetry Notebooks TPT & TN

This eBook contains 27 original poems with a sports theme.  You can print them out or have students read them on any device that supports pdf.

Games to 300 -- TPT & TN

This 15 page product contains eight activities with suggestions for variations.  I use these activities as math stations in my room or as interventions as needed.  All you need to use these lessons are counters such as beans, buttons, or math cubes.

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