Friday, June 20, 2014

Writing with Transition Words: Seven Sentence Stories

Here is a free download for students to write a seven sentence story using transition words. 

With most classes, I write a story with the whole class having students tell me ideas for each sentence. 

This could be done as a partner activity where students take turns filling in blanks.  It could be a part of a writing station during literacy time.

If you have a class that could manage this, have one person start with a title and pass it to the next person who writes the next sentence.  Then the paper is passed to yet a third person and so on until all the blanks are filled.

We recently studied beach life and had a field trip to the beach.  I used this form to have them write their accounts.  I like being able to integrate the content with the writing lessons I already have.

You can purchase all ten forms I use for creative writing assignments and bulletin boards here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and here in my Teachers Notebook store.  I have included at least two suggestions for each form that are not here on my blog.

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  1. I used to use a lot of story frames during my writing lessons years ago. I don't know why I stopped because they were so successful. Thanks for the reminder and even more for the FREEBIE! I'm going to give the frames a go again this year.



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