Monday, July 7, 2014

It's Not About Cupcakes -- A Polite Rant

Recently my school district made national news over its food in schools policy.  The media focused on eliminating cupcakes and other food treats for birthday celebrations.  A school district official was quoted in the local newspaper that one cupcake per student per year means students are consuming 25 cupcakes per year.  Really? Not in my classroom. 

This new policy was inspired by the School Wellness Policy mandated to any school district that participates in the school lunch program.  The rule only addresses food sold to students.  This policy goes well beyond the law.

Two things concern me:

1. This policy tells parents we don't trust you to bring healthy snacks for birthday celebrations. Don't send any food.

2. Classrooms are limited to three food events a year.  Think of all the real-world math, science, and cultural lessons that involve food.  Choose three.

This policy was released the week before school was out.  We are supposed to be able to ask questions later in the summer.  I am hoping to make an appeal.

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