Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School Freebies and Bloghop

I thought I would share in a single post the freebies I have created that I plan to use at the beginning of the year. 
The first assignment I have on student desks when they walk in the door is Time Capsule project.  Students fill out the questionnaire and write a letter to themselves the first day of school.  They receive it back the last day of school and compare answers.
I want a writing sample for the first week of school.  I keep this all year to see growth.  Click here for a writing prompt with printable stationery for students to write about one event from their summer.

My first math assignment is the Birthday Graph.  Students survey their classmates to create a bar graph of birthdays by month.
 In order to start establishing classroom climate, I have small groups look up the definitions of rights, responsibilities and privileges.  Then they list some examples.  I use this as a starting point for classroom rules.
At the end of the first day, I send home a questionnaire to parents.  I keep these forms at least until parent teacher conferences so I review any goals or comments parents had at the beginning of the year.
I have students create this name patterning project early in the year for a bulletin board.
 Another project appropriate for this time of year is the apple patterning page.


 After I have introduced the rules and routines, I use this organizer to quiz students on how the room works.  I don't necessarily do this the first week of school, but I make sure I have introduced these procedure and that they know how to follow them.

I hope you have a great school year.


  1. Mary, I love the idea of having them start working on their Rights and Privileges! Such a cool way to start building community on day one!

  2. I work at building community all year. Thank you for hosting this blog hop.

  3. Hi Mary. I put Brownbag's blog button link on my post, but I couldn't get other links to show up like you have under your post. I use Wordpress self hosted and it gave me several codes. I wasn't sure which to use!

    1. I would try one and see if it works. I don't know Wordpress very well, so I'm not very helpful.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas for getting started. I love the visuals for names and patterns.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

  5. Thanks for providing so many freebies to get the year started!

  6. I love your time capsule idea! It would be fun to have my 2nd graders write a letter to themselves. I've never done that before. Thanks for the great idea!
    First Grade Found Me

    1. You're welcome. I hope you have a great year.


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