Friday, July 4, 2014

Rights, Responsiblities, and Privileges

Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges is a free download designed to be used in small groups early in the school year.  I plan to use it the first week of this school year in a fifth grade class.  (Or whatever I end up teaching.  Our teaching assignments are up in the air at this moment.)

First students look up the definition of each word in the dictionary and write it in the space provided.  Then they brainstorm examples of each.  I plan to then have them come back as a whole class to establish some expectations for the year.

Fifth graders study U.S. history and the Constitution in our district.  Fourth graders study Washington State civics so starting out with an understanding of these terms will provide a platform for later study.

If you need a copy for a different country, leave me a comment and I will change the flag.  

Update: Since I first developed these materials, the word privilege has changed in meaning.  I have an updated version of "Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges" in Artistry of Education @Teachers Pay Teachers.

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