Monday, September 22, 2014

Drama Games for Brain/Movement Breaks

Frequent readers know I have an afterschool drama club.  I also find ways to incorporate theater games in my classroom.  Students get to practice public speaking and inventing stories.  Some of the games are just good for those little bits of time between activities or to break up a long stretch.

The machine game -- students act out a part of a machine with a repetitive motion and a sound effect.  They can become a part of an assembly line by working with a small group of students.  I have played different versions of this game.  Here is one called Conveyor Belt.

Super glue -- students pair up and must pretend that they are super-glued together at a particular part of their body (elbows, shoulders, toes.) They must move from one side of the room (or field) to the other keeping that part connected to the partner. Here is the pin and a link to more resources.

Catch -- the whole class stands in a circle and tosses a bean bag.  The first round, the person with the bean bag introduces himself.  The second round, the person with the bean bag calls out the person she is throwing to. Other suggestions for this game can be found on this site.

I hope you enjoy these resources with your students.

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