Monday, September 15, 2014

What Color Do You Feel Like Today? Three Color Themed Activities

My sophomore year of school, my English teacher had a question of the day that we would answer for attendance.  Her favorite question was "What Color Do You Feel Like Today?"  We could elaborate briefly. I use that question sometimes with my students during class meeting.

I also learned a related drama game that can be used as a brain/movement break.  Students start by walking around the room until a leader calls out a color.  They continue moving but changing the movement to reflect the color. This could be used as a way to transition activities. "Move from the carpet to your desk in a purple way."

Because students need to think about color in an abstract way, this activity could also be used as an introduction for my forever freebie Color Poems.

I developed the lessons in Color Poems to teach my students about figurative language.
Download Color Poems: Exploring Metaphors and Similes at Teachers Pay Teachers, or Color Poems: Exploring Metaphors and Similes at Teacher's Notebook.

I hope you enjoy these activities with your students.

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