Friday, September 12, 2014

Is It Likely? Multiply

Last week I shared Is It Likely? Addition. Today's freebie is a similar activity except students fill in a multiplication chart.  I want students to consider what is likely, unlikely, and impossible to happen when rolling two dice and finding the product.

To download Is It Likely? Multiply from my Google Drive, click here. I plan to have students roll two dice and record their results to see the difference between theoretical probability and experimental probability. 

This is the third of six posts where I plan to share freebies to teach probability.  I hope to see you next week.

Update November 2015

In this packet are seven “carnival games” students will evaluate based on likely and unlikely outcomes. I have included a tri-fold page with the words “likely, unlikely, and impossible” so all students can respond at the same time in class discussion.

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  1. Very neat idea to get kids to learn their multiplication tables in such an interactive way!
    Always nerdy,
    Mel and Gerdy

    1. I find probability lends itself to teaching other strands. Thank you for stopping by.


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