Monday, December 15, 2014

Quilt Square Project #1

Over the summer I created a series of quilt square projects for my fourth graders.  I want them to have some hands on experiences with measuring, geometry and fractions.  These activities require them to measure, cut and see relationships between the geometric shapes we study in math class.

For this first project, I gave them four three inch squares and a six inch background.  I chose our school colors: teal and purple. 

I showed them how to fold and cut the squares into right triangles and recombine them into squares.  They had to completely cover the background.  I had them create several combinations and show them on the document camera.  I stapled the resulting squares on the back wall of our classroom.

Here are some of the vocabulary words that naturally came up in this activity: right triangle, symmetry, parallelogram, square, and quadrilateral.

I'm in the process of photographing and writing up the other projects.  I promise I will share them when I am done.

Have you visited Math Spies?  This post right here introduces Quilt Square Codes.  Students use the fraction of each color to solve a code word.

The full paid product has 32 task cards and is available at TPT and TN.

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