Monday, January 12, 2015

Quilt Square Project #3

If you are a frequent reader, you know I have been creating some quilt square projects for my students to use their knowledge of geometry, measurement, and fractions in a hands on way. 
For this project, I modified the trapezoid project we did last year.  This time I gave my students a 6 X 6 inch square and four 3 X 3 inch squares.  I showed them how to cut diagonal lines on the 3 X 3 squares that were not corner to corner.  The resulting shapes are trapezoids.  We drew some congruent trapezoids with the remaining squares and then reassembled on the 6 X 6 background.

 When I stapled them all together on the bulletin board we ended up with a "quilt" like the top picture.

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I hope you enjoy these lessons with your students.

Have you visited Math Spies?  This post right here introduces Quilt Square Codes.  Students use the fraction of each color to solve a code word.

The full paid product has 32 task cards and is available at TPT and TN.

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