Friday, January 2, 2015

Gomoku Subtraction

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced Gomoku with Addition, the simplest level of my new freebie Gomoku Games.  This week, I am featuring Gomoku with Subtraction. (Click here to download from Google Drive.)

In this game students roll two dice and subtract the smaller amount from the larger.  Students place a marker on a square with the answer.  The winner is the one who places five markers in a row.

When we introduced this game to our first grade buddies, my students noticed the wide range of math abilities in the class we were visiting.  Right next to each other there was a student who was ready for the multiplication version and another who struggled to count the dots on the dice.

I spend time talking with my students about how they learn, because I want them to take responsibility for their own education.  This experience was a good one for all of us.


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