Friday, January 30, 2015

Healthy Habits Poster Project

I enjoy teaching the systems of the human body to my fourth graders.  This year my group started out a little more squeamish than most, but I can see them start to become fascinated.

I have two goals for this unit:
1. Identify the organs for each of five body systems: digestive, respiratory, immune, circulatory and nervous.
2. Explain how to take care of your body.

The Healthy Habits Poster Project is a free mini research project that can be used as a culminating project to any health unit or as a stand alone project for students who need enrichment. This product contains an assignment sheet with a rubric for the students, a template for a works cited page, and a list of online resources. Common Core Standards are listed for this project.

You can download the Healthy Habits Poster Project here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and also at my Teacher's Notebook store.

To download an Organ Research page, click here.



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