Friday, March 20, 2015

April Poetry Challenge 2015

For the last several Aprils, I have been participating personally and with my class in National Poetry Writing Month. I personally work on writing a poem a day for the thirty days.  I have my students work on poetry as well.  I am inviting other interested classes to participate.  I have attached a rubric I use to grade a project like this.

For this challenge, I chose to focus on couplets.  A couplet is a poem that has two lines that rhyme. The lines have the same meter or rhythm.  Here are two examples of couplets:

There once was a teacher so strict

Her students did not dare contradict.

That gourd looks bored.

Each day, I chose a word family to work with and I challenge your class to write a rhyme a day for the thirty days in April.  I keep a poetry blog called Poems of Silliness that you are welcome to visit for more examples of poetry forms I teach in my classroom.  During the month of April, I plan to share the poems I have written for this challenge on the blog.   I hope you enjoy this activity with your students.


  1. I love the idea of assigning a different word family every day! April must be a fun month in your classroom!

    1. Thank you. I do a different type of challenge each year. Last year I used Dolch words.


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