Monday, March 16, 2015

Math Spies Episode 8 -- Secret Rooms

In addition to Artistry of Education, I have a blog called Math Spies that is dedicated to math problem-solving. I post a new problem each Wednesday.

In Episode 8, students use what they know about area to determine if a building has a secret room.  Click here for "How to Find Secret Rooms."  In the building at the top, the hallway extends the length of the building.  The building underneath has a "secret room."  Students are given the dimensions of the building and the dimensions of the known rooms and they must determine if there is a secret room and how big it is.

You can find the other seven problems in the series by clicking here, and scrolling halfway down the page.

I expanded this set into a 32 task card set which you can purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.

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