Monday, March 9, 2015

Behavior Intervention: If...Then...Charts

"If you finish math before 10:30 (p. 347 1-10), then you will have time for a math game. Mrs. Bauer"

Over the last twenty-four years, I have had a number of students who needed behavioral interventions.  I have created many charts and ways of tracking data.  I prefer to design my own plans to make them fit my teaching style and classroom.  (I try not to make the child stand out any more than he or she already does.)

This year after a pretty intense day with a student, the IEP team regrouped and decided that If...Then... charts would be an appropriate first intervention for the child.

"If you start morning work right away, then you will earn a privilege. Mrs. Bauer"
I know other teachers create laminated charts.  I use the sticky notes because I can adapt them to the assignments for the day.  (Also, if they are ripped up in a moment of rebellion, I can easily replace them.)
I'm not saying that this system has worked miracles.  It is giving a particular student some power and control in the classroom, and she is getting some work done.
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