Friday, May 15, 2015

Units of Measurement: Metric vs. Customary

Our adopted math curriculum doesn't have nearly enough measurement activities -- especially connected to real life.  I find myself constantly creating activities for my students.

This one page organizer can be used for multiple activities.  (Click here to download.)  First I want my students to identify the units of measurement in the correct box.  (I have included an answer key for your convenience.)

Next, I raid my cupboards and bring in packages of food with a mix of customary and metric measurements.  I have students do a scavenger hunt of sorts, writing down the units they find in the correct box in the organizer.

Finally I send a sheet like this home as homework to do a similar scavenger hunt in their own kitchen cupboards.

Last year I started with an activity that needed more scaffolding.  Next week I plan to share the more complicated task.

Here are some other measurement freebies:

Metric Conversion Chart

Customary Conversion Chart



  1. I love your scavenger hunt ideas! Having students apply what they have learned can always be a challenge, but you make it look easy! Thumbs up :) Thank you for stopping by Mary!
    ~Cristina Santarelli


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