Friday, May 6, 2016

Odd One Out Place Value

Last Friday, I shared an Odd One Out freebie with support for ELLs.  Today's freebie for Friday is Odd One Out Place Value.

To download Odd One Out Place Value, click here.

Odd One Out is a small group activity where students discuss which number of a set of four doesn't belong.  They must justify it with mathematical reasons.  I designed the activity for students to practice their math vocabulary, first orally and then in writing on a group chart.

For this lesson, I would make sure that students have access to base ten blocks to see relative amounts.  For ELL students, I would make sure they know the words: tens, ones, and hundreds place.

Odd One Out Measurement is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers and my Teacher's Notebook stores.  There are six activities for the metric system and six for conventional measurement.  I included a bonus scavenger hunt activity to use as an in class station or homework page.

Happy Friday!

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