Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Read Aloud #1 -- The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

Imagine if your students could create a machine that would use the internet to do their homework for them.  In this book, one student does just that, and a group of students use it to complete these assignments daily. 

I use this book to talk about moral dilemmas.  Students, and many teachers, don't like homework.  Is it okay to let a machine do it? 

If you are studying this book in class either as a read aloud or as a whole group, it would be a good book to collect evidence from the text to support a statement.  Students could state their opinions about having a homework machine and find reasons and events from the book that support their idea.

I often read this book at the beginning of the year to establish teacher/student roles.

This post is a part of my series: Four Reasons Why I Read Aloud.


  1. Just became a new follower...Thanks for joining my blog. I have not read this book and will add it to my list...Thanks!

    1. Welcome Kelly!
      I enjoy reading and sharing favorite books both inside and outside the classroom.

  2. I love Dan Gutman! Thanks for sharing this book. I have't read this one.
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