Friday, April 13, 2012

You Know You're A Teacher When....

You know you're an elementary teacher when you have an atypical relationship with school supplies.

You begin collecting the back-to-school ads in July looking for the best deals.

You get strange looks from clerks who wonder what you are going to do with 27 packages of notebook paper.

You get more strange looks when you tell them "They're for my children."

You have a favorite brand of glue based on the ease of unclogging the top.

You curse the individual who invented flexible rulers.

You know which color crayon the average first grader loses first. You know which one will disappear second. (Black and red respectively)

You seriously consider buying each of your students a complete set of school supplies even though a complete list went home to each family last June.

Please share with me how you know you are a teacher:

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