Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Read Aloud #2 -- Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen


I once had a fifth grade student who made $100 in a weekend mowing lawns.  I tell my students that each year hoping to inspire them to find ways to make money on their own. 
Lawn Boy begins with a boy who learns that mowing lawns is a great way to make extra money, but the business soon grows bigger than he can handle.  The math geek in me loves that the chapter titles give financial terms for what is happening in that section of the book.

Click here for a free vocabulary sheet than can be used with any book or vocabulary list.  Students can use it to collect and learn the economics vocabulary used in the book.

June 2014 I read Lawn Boy Returns this year and enjoyed it.  I would give it a red ribbon while the original gets the blue ribbon.  For an explanation of my rating system, click here.

This post is a part of my series Four Reasons Why I Read Aloud. 

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