Friday, April 20, 2012

Teacher Evaluation -- What Makes a Good Teacher?

Photo Credit: Timken Rolling Bearing, Co 1950 Calendar
"Teacher at Desk"

This morning we have an all district inservice to learn about the new teacher evaluation system we will be implementing in our district.  I am grateful to work in the state and district where I work. 

Our district has decided to adopt the Charlotte Danielson framework.  Everything I have read so far about and by her tells me that she respects teachers and our work. 

Washington State requires districts evaluate teachers based on student growth, but not our standardized test scores.  We are not sure what will be used to measure this, but we are allowed to bargain with our district.

Even the way that this inservice is planned feels respectful to us as professionals.  Representatives from administration and the union will be presenting the information together.

I hope I am as encouraged coming out of this meeting as I am going in.


  1. Do you still feel the same way now?

  2. I've been discouraged this week. The optimist in me hopes next year is better.

    1. Also, since I wrote this, Washington is under pressure to use test scores. I am not hopeful about this.


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