Friday, January 10, 2014

Geometry Printable #1 & Giveaway

I’ve been focused on geometry in my classroom lately.  I have been trying to align curriculum with Common Core and I am ending up writing my own lessons.  For the next four Fridays, I am sharing some one page freebies I'm using to teach geometry to my fourth graders.
Geometry Printable #1 is called Odd One Out.  Click here for a Google Doc of the page below.
This page will give you two sessions of the activity.  I put my students in groups of three or four and gave them half of the printable above.  They needed to discuss which shape they would leave out of the group of four and justify their answers.  They listed the shape they left out and their reasons why on a sheet of notebook paper.  Then they discussed why another shape in the group might be the odd one out.

For example, in the group of quadrilaterals, a student might say that the rectangle is the odd one out because it is the only one that has right angles.

Students get to use their geometry vocabulary and reasoning skills in this activity. 

Update: these are available in my 22 page paid product at TPT and TN.

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