Monday, January 6, 2014

The Case of the Missing Snowman Revisited

"You build a snowman and come inside for some cocoa.  While you are warming up, you are looking out the window when you see your snowman come to life.  Write what happens next."
Last year, we were invited to decorate our doors as a contest and I had my students create snow people characters out of construction paper first.  Then I had them fill out the missing poster based on the character they created.  Here is what our display looked like:

We started with the prompt which led readers to study the Missing Posters.

This led to the door where the snow people were having a party.
I have no idea why one is sideways.

I had several students stop by and try to match the missing poster with the snowman in the scene.  The writing assignment and the interactive bulletin board were a hit.

Caution: the year I taught sixth grade, the snowmen became characters out of a horror movie.  I had to set strict limits on writing assignments for school.

To download The Case of the Missing Snowman at my Teachers pay Teachers Store, click here.

To download The Case of the Missing Snowman at my Teachers Notebook Store, click here.

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