Monday, February 29, 2016

A Thousand Years Ago -- A Writing Prompt

This post is a part of my week long celebration of my thousandth post on Artistry of Education.  To celebrate I created a digital swag bag.  Each day this week, stop by for a new freebie.  I plan to have a round up post on Friday just in case you missed one.

Today is a mini-research project about life one thousand years ago.  I know in each of the United States, Native American tribes lived here and their culture is a part of the curriculum in upper elementary classrooms.  This assignment could be used as a review.

Alternately, students could research one of the other cultures that was present 1000 years ago.  I found several non-fiction books about Vikings that are age-appropriate.  Students could study the Song Dynasty in China.  Other students may want to learn about the Middle Ages in Europe.  In our district, these studies would blend well with the sixth grade social studies curriculum.

To download "A Thousand Years Ago," please click here.

See you tomorrow for another freebie.

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