Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quote of the Week -- February 28, 2016

"Ever notice that people never say it's only a game when they're winning?" ~Ivern Ball

This week I am sharing a digital swag bag to celebrate my thousandth post.  Come back each day this week and receive a freebie related to the number 1000.  On Friday, I will have a round up, so in case you missed a day, you can still collect the whole set.

Today's freebie is a printable writing prompt: "If I had $1000, I would...."  You could assign this as strictly a creative story.  You could also have students research prices and add a math component.  You could also have students give away the $1000 and they have to explain who they would give it to and why.

 To download the page shown above, click here.

Have a good week,

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