Friday, February 19, 2016

Nouns and Verbs: Five Senses

Frequent readers of Artistry of Education know that I have been teaching English Language Learners for the last six weeks while their teacher has been on maternity leave.  I have been adapting some of my lessons to better match what my students need.

I created the matching activity below to go with a unit on parts of the face and senses.  Students cut out the cards and match them on the sentence frames.  Depending on their level, you can have them practice reading or writing the sentences.

I am in the process of expanding the Imagery 2.0 product in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  
Here is the link to Imagery 2.0 in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
Here is the link to Imagery 2.0 in my Teacher's Notebook store.

Happy Friday!

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