Friday, February 26, 2016

The Thousandth Post Swag Bag

Today I am celebrating writing the thousandth post on Artistry of Education.  Almost five years ago, I started blogging and sharing my ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I wrote my first post for this blog December 31, 2011.  I have learned a lot about teaching and writing in that time.

Thank you to my followers and frequent readers who have commented and shared.  You have encouraged me to keep teaching and sharing right back.

If you are new to Artistry of Education, welcome.  Here is my weekly schedule of posts:

On Sundays, I post a Quote of the Week that has inspired me in some way.

Mondays, my posts are pretty random.  I share teaching ideas and whatever else is on my mind.

Wednesdays, I share a book I have read and often a teaching suggestion to go with it.

Fridays are my freebie days.

For the next week I want to share some digital swag related to the number 1000.  Today's freebie is a set of games called Number Races.  Race to 1000 is played by adding two-digit numbers until one player reaches 1000.  Race to 0 is played by subtracting two-digit numbers from 1000 until the first player reaches 0.

To download Number Races click here.

Happy Friday!

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